Business Debt Consolidation

Are many of your business debts past due? Is your company being hounded by creditors, collection agencies and attorneys attempting to collect a debt that you simply cannot pay. Would your business benefit from a reduction of 50% to 80% or more and/or a payout period of 12 to 60 months on your accounts payables. What about no longer having to deal with creditor calls interfering with your businesses daily operation? If you could restructure existing debts to avoid bankruptcy and increase cash flow, while satisfying your creditors and protecting your assets. Would you be interested?

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You Must Meet The Following Requirements

 To Be Eligible For This Program

Minimum Debt Of $35,000

Minimum Of 3 Creditors

Minimum Monthly Payment Of $1,000 Or More Per Month

Contact Information  
First Name
Last Name
Company Name
Zip Code
Best Time to Contact
Day Phone -- Ext.
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Financial Information
How much total debt do you have with vendors, leases and credit cards over 90 days?
What is the total number of creditors that you owe?
Could you afford 2 to 3% of your debt as monthly payment?




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